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ISO Partners

By partnering with Jaffe Capital, ISOs can access a lucrative revenue stream, competitive commission structures, and streamlined processes. The program is designed to empower ISOs to maximize their earnings potential within the Merchant Cash Advance industry.

Empowering Success: Accelerated Deal Funding with Our Dedicated ISO Program

Our ISO program, supported by dedicated ISO relationship managers, excels in providing swift and personalized services. This ensures seamless connections between brokers and underwriters, facilitating efficient deal funding.

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Unlimited Earning Potential

Jaffe Capital's ISO program stands out with its highly competitive commission structure, specially designed for ISOs. This unique program ensures brokers enjoy substantial commissions, fostering a mutually rewarding partnership. Join us for a dynamic collaboration that maximizes earning potential.

Simple Signup Process

To initiate your enrollment in our ISO program, start by completing an online application. Ensure you have pertinent details about your company, such as the Tax ID Number (EIN), ownership details, and your brokerage’s funding practices. Subsequently, print the application, sign it, and promptly return it to us.

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